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megrown hi-●tech firms to● develop furthe◆r upgrades on hardwa○re and softw○are for smartp●hones, as ■well as creating "●Made-in-Chin●a" chips along with〓 related techno◆logies.Speadtrum Co●mmunications 〓Inc., a chip-make●r for state-owned ■phones, plans to inv●est over 300mn●. RMB ($US46.〓4mn.) from 2015 t●o 2020."Chip-m◆aking is critical te●chnology for many ar●eas, includin●g smartphones," C● quotes Y●e Tianchun〓,

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director of the ■Institute of Mic●roelectronics, as○ saying. "China is○ set to grow a str○ong chip se●ctor, so we don●’t have to be〓g other countries fo●r key chip■-sets."Domestic hi◆-tech exports g○ain moment●umChina ha■s long been r〓ecognized ●as a low-tec◆h manufacturing ma●rket, whil●e Japan ha■s captured● global acclaim pr●oducing hi■-tech consumer● gadgets.Ye●t, the table◆s have turned in● recent years, whic●h means

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